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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Sorry he tackles too hard Suh has donated millions of dollars to NU and just this year has gave his HS 250,000 dollars to help build a new school. Then there is the Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation has provided Detroit students with school supplies and college scholarships. What a scum bag.
Tackles too hard, yeah ok, that's what I was talking about. If you think stomping on players arms, and possible ending their career's after the play is over, is good player character, I'd hate to be your friend. Or how about kicking the QB in the groin on purpose. Or how about that cut block and almost ending another career, in which he got the maximum $100,000 fine.

You think because somebody that has millions to spare, donates some of it (probably for the tax write off) means they're a high character person. One word, Naive.

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