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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
So what kind of contract are we getting Brocko? I assume he won't see the field as a starter until he is an FA. Bang up job of the FO drafting a guy in the second that didn't do squat.
Why do so many of you guys still b**** about this selection? The team took a major risk signing Manning. At the time there was no guarantee he would he would heal enough to even attempt to play. Had that happened Elway made sure the team had an insurance option. He got a guy he felt had good talent that if he was needed he would be able to play but was also youn,g so that if Manning healed, sitting and learning wouldn't be an issue.

There was no way in hell he was willing to turn the team over to the pieces of **** we had on the roster the year prior. Can you imagine us having to rely on Orton, Quinn or Tebow another year had Manning not healed?

Those of you b****ing about the pick would be sucking Elway and Brock's ***** had Manning not been able to play.
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