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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
First, so you like Lavonte David huh?

Second, personally I would have no issue with us taking a QB in round 2.
Enhances the trade bait, hell Brock hasn't shown anything in real game action and teams were calling about him.
You take the best player, if that's a QB,RB,OL then you take it.
It wouldn't shock me if we took a RB high in this draft, I don't expect it but I would not be surprised by it.

If you think he is a franchise QB then you have to take him unless the package is insane to trade down.
With that said, my stance was using a 2nd or 3rd on a QB, not a 1st.
Short of Carr falling I do not think there is a chance in hell we take a QB in round 1.

No one is locked into this position once Peyton retires.
We have seen many times before what happens when you pass over or ignore the QB position because you have a great one.
It is better to have 2-3 that you can trade or have compete for the job than 1.
We have already seen from the Texans and Chiefs what happens when you do not.
Heck, even the Packers.
Sure, i don't disagree, but stockpiling a bunch just to improve your chances? Eh. Also, and this just sucks, but the history of 2nd and 3rd round QBs is friggin terrible. Other than Brees and I guess Schaub, its a whole lot of fail.
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