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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
It has nothing to do with a sign. If you can draft a highly talented player then you do so. Just because you like a player doesn't mean you overlook the position if there is value there. QB tends to be the one position that gets ignored way too much and it's costly.
but then you are sacrificing your chance of drafting let's say, a Lavonte David type of impact player, in order to have 4 roster spots tied up in the QB position. That would be two second round picks tied up in two QBs who will never see the field unless Manning goes down, and if they do end up starting because Manning is hurt, the season just went to crap anyway. I dunno, maybe, just maybe Brocko can come in and not completely suck. But the point is that you'd have Manning, Brock, Dysert and another high round QB eating up roster space when you could have had LAVONTE DAVID. 'Nuf said.
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