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Acc%: Deep Passing

The Top 10

Deep Accuracy gives a good indication of which quarterbacks were most accurate challenging defenses downfield and, with a big start in limited action in Houston, Case Keenum tops the list with a Deep Acc% of 53.1%. Rodgers is once again amongst the best here, as the only quarterback other than Keenum to finish above 50%. Super Bowl QBs Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning round out the Top 5 along with the surprise inclusion of Kellen Clemens.

Name Team Deep Acc. %
Case Keenum HST 53.1%
Aaron Rodgers GB 52.8%
Russell Wilson SEA 48.3%
Peyton Manning DEN 48.2%
Kellen Clemens STL 48.0%
Matt Cassel MIN 47.4%
Geno Smith NYJ 46.7%
Alex D. Smith KC 46.3%
Matthew McGloin OAK 45.7%
Mike Glennon TB 45.0%

Top 10 in deep passing accuracy? But, but Alex can't throw deep!

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