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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post
What defense is that? The one that has 9 new starters playing that didnt in the Super Bowl? That's 9 out of 11. But feel free to think they the same players.

Whether they become great players remains to be seen in the fall. But at least this team did something about it. Have fun with the idiot cannonball in joe mays though.
same thing with us. Flowers, Hali, Houston all severely hurt in that playoff game.

Sanders Commings (better athletically than the top safeties in this class) was a legit 2nd round pick last year but fell due to an off the field incident.
Vance Walker with 43 total QB pressures last year (basically 5X more pressures than Jackson)

Whether they become great players remains to be seen, as well as draft picks from this class.

Btw-have fun with Rahim the dream.

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