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Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
The problem with the prequel trilogy was the focus on Anakin as the main character in the first place. It should have been mostly about Obi-Wan with Anakin as a much more minor story until Revenge of the Sith. The redemption of Vader/Anakin in the original trilogy was a background storyline, with Luke as the main character. Too much speechifying too. The only thing that touched on the political in the originals was a mention that the Emperor has disbanded the senate - in the new ones, it was a bunch of talking about things that were or weren't going to happen instead of just showing stuff happening.
I can't disagree that Anakin was a failure as a character, but I still think it was the way it was written that failed, not the choice of him as the protagonist. A boy who becomes the world's greatest Jedi yet chooses the dark side is a compelling idea, but the audience wants to know WHY and the primary job of the story is to show why. Summarize or miss on his motives and focus on distractions like Jar Jar and robots, and you lose the plot.
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