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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Actually, it was Colts situation after Manning went down that prompted Elway, with the blessing of Manning, to find a protege to groom, and that's why the Broncos already have Brock. Point being, if Elway pulls the trigger on another QB in the second round, it's a bad sign for Brock. Furthermore, there is no true plug and play QB in this entire draft, let alone in the second to fourth rounds so taking another QB won't help if Manning goes down. Will it add depth, sure, will it help the team win now, nope.
I am aware of Manning asking Elway who the back up was going to be.
Taking a QB high doesn't mean they have given up on Brock or dislike him, it would mean they want to maximize their ability to have a good depth chart behind Manning and potentially avoid a rebuild after Manning leaves.

All the moves Elway has made have been with more than just now in mind.
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