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Originally Posted by Bronc0guy View Post
Seeing every west series go 7 would be fun, but being the Miami hater I am, I don't want to see the west beat each other up TOO bad on the way to the finals. Let's face it, the east blows hard. Every team in the west would smoke the Pacers or Raptors and they are the first and third seeds in the conference. The Heat are going back to the Finals, they may sweep every series on the way. East is just freaking awwwfffuuullll.
West has been very entertaining so far with the games. Even though I said last night I'd like to watch the Grizz win, i change my mind. All Western Conference series should go 7.

Now in the East. I am biased. I want the Heat to sweep and sit on their ass. I'd like to see the Hawks eliminate Indiana. Raps to eliminate the Nets. Then, a WashingtonvATL semifinals going 7.
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