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Shane Ray

Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
Ummm no. The racist part is calling us all dirty.

The major reason that a lot of Chinese restaurant are dirtier than most is because the cost of food is disproportional to the cost of preparing the food, and minimal staff.

Crappy Chinese food can always be found at PF Changs. Cleanest place ever!
I see where you're coming from, I apologize I didn't mean to call all Chinese dirty.

What I was trying to say is when eating-out I always make sure the place is clean. If an establishment can't keep a public restroom clean I can imagine the coolers and kitchen.

When Health Departments pop up surprisingly and grade the quality of cleanliness they can be unfair(ie. these glasses are stacked improperly or the dishwasher is too hot). But the only reason for a closure or downgrade is cockroaches.
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