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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
AI was still ballin' by the time he got to Denver. Maybe not AS good as the AI of past, but still pretty damn good.

Obviously, Rose's health remains to be seen, and while I agree that Carmelo and Rose will win enough games on talent alone, trust me you're gonna be frustrated when Melo goes all iso ball. Kicking out to shooters? He's not Lebron James light. He doesn't kick the ball out to anyone.
AI was a shell of his former self in Denver.
He put up the numbers but it was like watching the guy who you know has lost quite a few steps but is wily enough to still get it done.

Originally Posted by Flacko View Post
I love watching D Rose but everything you said about him happened two years ago. I hope he makes a full recovery but I doubt he lives up to his potential.
He suffered 2 separate knee injuries to 2 separate knees.
Both injuries were the cleanest you could possibly have and with each injury he could have played in the given year as he was cleared.
He is playing going to play with team usa and if there were concerns over his knees that would not happen.
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