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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
I am not saying that he and Rose will be the most perfect fit in the history of the NBA.
I am saying I think their talents match up well with each other and that they can play together.
I also think the roster and potential floor spacing fits well for Melo.
We do not have a single player that demands the low post on offense, Melo and Rose will have a wide open lane to work with and some solid wings to dish to.
Neither one would have to be a volume shooter.

As far as AI goes, he was not anywhere near the AI he was in Philly.
Rose is a league MVP, the best PG in the game and probably the 3rd best player when healthy. Which I believe he will be next season and throughout the rest of his career.
AI was still ballin' by the time he got to Denver. Maybe not AS good as the AI of past, but still pretty damn good.

Obviously, Rose's health remains to be seen, and while I agree that Carmelo and Rose will win enough games on talent alone, trust me you're gonna be frustrated when Melo goes all iso ball. Kicking out to shooters? He's not Lebron James light. He doesn't kick the ball out to anyone.
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