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Shane Ray

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
I am not saying that he and Rose will be the most perfect fit in the history of the NBA.
I am saying I think their talents match up well with each other and that they can play together.
I also think the roster and potential floor spacing fits well for Melo.
We do not have a single player that demands the low post on offense, Melo and Rose will have a wide open lane to work with and some solid wings to dish to.
Neither one would have to be a volume shooter.

As far as AI goes, he was not anywhere near the AI he was in Philly.
Rose is a league MVP, the best PG in the game and probably the 3rd best player when healthy. Which I believe he will be next season and throughout the rest of his career.
I love watching D Rose but everything you said about him happened two years ago. I hope he makes a full recovery but I doubt he lives up to his potential.
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