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Originally Posted by Flacko View Post
I agree with this. I'm a fan of the Knicks as well and watched countless times Melo hogging the ball putting up 45 points in a loss. How is Rose on defense? Because everybody knows Melo doesn't play defense, lol.
Noah and Butler are great on D, Gibson is as well playing the 6th man role(Though he actually plays the entire 2nd and 4th quarter due to Boozer's defensive issues), Rose is a tenacious defender and steals the ball.
The issue Rose has had was on offense. The teams key on him in the playoffs and use a bigger guy to guard him in key situations(IE LeBron guarding him during ECF's)

The only person on the Bulls who cannot play defense is Boozer and Noah made up for him a lot.
Melo is markedly better on D than Mr. Ole so that shouldn't be a problem.
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