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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Of course he says that, he knows the value of a franchise QB. But he also knows that he has already picked a QB early to groom behind Manning and Elway should know that if he takes another QB early, this is tantamount to Elway declaring Brock is a failure. So, is Elway willing to admit the Brock pick was bad? He keeps saying Brock is progressing, why throw a monkey wrench into Brock's development by taking yet another QB early? That makes no sense. So, if Elway takes another QB in the second or even 4th round, he pretty much has to dump Brock for team unity IMHO. Furthermore, is taking another QB early really necessary? Will that help the team win now? If Manning goes down, will this rookie QB be able to step in and win immediately?

Hypothetically speaking, if Elway is enamored with Mettenberger and Mettenberger is sitting there in the second round and the Broncos draft him, then the flip side of that coin is that Elway does not think Brock is the guy. Otherwise, if Elway really did think Brock is "the guy" he would not waste a pick on Mettenberger. So basically, Elway would be saying Mettenberger is better than Brock. Ouch.
Not really, Elway could just be saying he does not want to deal with what the Broncos had to deal with before when he retired.
We had Griese and nothing else.

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Yeah, I have a feeling Bitonio is gonna be the guy.
Too high for me. Trading up in the 2nd for him? Yeah, taking him #31?
Let some other team do that.
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