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Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
...Only for the summer.
Going to be in the Copper river area for the summer, busboys are in big demand there in bear country.
Anyone else/ going/ to be in alaska/ this summer?
My return week is he week the broncos play the seahawks in seattle, sept. 21, so depending/ on what kind of/ coin I make/this summer,/ I may try to catch that game !
I have always admired that beautiful stadium, its on my bucket list, so maybe this is the year it all comes together.Thankfully, I will/still be able to keep in touch with all you * chef lovers* thanks to this whole interweb thing.
My Step-son lived in Alaska for two years. He loved the summer. He is in Utah now. He fell off a fishing boat and ****ed up his foot. Good thing for Obamacare as he was still on our insurance policy. He also messed up his shoulder in Hawaii this past summer. Oh what it is to be 23 and invincible.
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