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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
Miami is a good fit because those 3 are best friends and wanted to play together. LeBron is the alpha dog and Wade and Bosh put their egos aside to taste a championship.

Melo is better friends with Kobe than those 3.

His wheels are not busted. Each injury was a standard tear. No ligament damage or excess structural damage.
This isn't like micro-fracture or a compound injury.
Rose suffered the easiest injuries to repair and ones that do not impact you much after recovery.
Miami was a good fit eventually because DWade put his ego aside and deferred to LeBron. That first year wasn't the prettiest basketball, but those two are so talented that it worked enough. Also, Lebron is not a volume shooter.

Durant and Westbrook currently are having their issues and I don't think a Rose/Anthony combo is nearly as good as that. I think having a healthy Rose and Melo sounds good, and don't get me wrong, they'll win some games, but I don't think it's a good fit if the goal is championship
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