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Juwan Thompson

I really like Teddy - I think he has all the intangibles including that elusive grace under pressure that marks out the special ones, so I think he has massive potential - could be another Montana with average measureables and arm strength but above-average nerve and game smarts

Still, that's just potential, he's still a risk as is any QB in the 1st round and with what we already invested in Brock we need to stick with him. Anyone who thinks they know what we have in Brock right now is a grade A idiot as we won't find that out until Peyton retires, so it just wouldn't be sensible to roll the dice on any QB in the 1st. If we needed a qb, then yes

Also, I think its a moot point as I don't think he slips that far - Mayock is talking up that pro day because like all other commentators he is gasping for air with the draft pushed back. Teams may also be talking up that pro day in the hope he falls to them. I think he'll be gone by around #25 at the latest
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