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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by LikeABoss5820 View Post
If they can deal Brock, i'd do it to make up for that pick.
No, his stock is falling. He had a bad pro-day and Oss looks like the better QB at this point especially since Oss has the investment of time in our system.

No way they would draft a struggling rook QB then dump a backup they have been grooming from this guy. Maybe one of the other stronger armed pocket passers who were way more accurate and hope Dysert could fill in for a few games if needed.

If Carr fell to us then maybe, I still wouldn't expect to get more than a 4th for Oss though if that.

The guy from Pitt had some nice pro day tape as did the guy from Eastern IL.

That said I would be pissed if we ended up with a QB in the 1st round. On ESPN NFL Live someone said that if you take a QB in the 1st round it puts pressure on your staff to start him NO MATTER WHO THE CURRENT QB IS. The pressure comes from both the fan base and the internal pressure to commit to a 1st round pick subliminally.

The point was that even if you wanted to develop a QB taken in the late 1st (think Tebow) there will be implied pressure for him to take on a starting role within a year or 2 and you cannot develop a guy like that even if he is a steal late in the 1st round and you have a solid starter in place.

I agree, maybe late 2nd but the highest I would take a development QB would be early 3rd round unless I was the GM of a desperate franchise that hasn't hit on a QB in the draft like kFc or Oakland.
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