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Originally Posted by HILife View Post
If you put an r and n right next to each other, it looks like an rn.

lol, jokes on you, that m is really r and n next to each other. hahhahah i'm so funny.
Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
I have no idea why, but you and Irish Stout and your beautiful posting to one another made me want to have a three way. Strange, this is a strange thread.

And I do think it sucks that the mods get signatures while we don't, I also don't understand why my vajayjay looks like a taco while the male sexual instrument looks like a melted candle when in sleep mode and a pencil when awake. Strange, strange.

PS. why no love for "the Dave" on the poll? sad, so sad.

Originally Posted by HILife View Post
I'm going to use that one day. I'm not going to tell you when, but I will use it, with a slight modification.

We just had a three way. To late, no take backs.
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