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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
So when we moved last August, I cancelled century link, since I didn't know where we were going. Well they sent me a tracking label for the modem and I put it on a box, with the modem and dropped it off at a UPS (UPS tracking label) drop box. Well, now they're calling me and saying that I owe $107 cause they didn't get the modem. I said, well whats the UPS site say for tracking. They say: "We don't have that tracking number we sent it to you." I say: "I didn't keep it cause I was moving and thats dumb."

Anyway, they've sent me to collections on a modem I sent back and I am going to fight it to the death, even if I ultimately have to pay them $107...

But, yeah, we liked them better than Comcast for internet in Denver just based on speed, but price went up after 6 months or something.
What did price go up to? Another reason we are at the end of the loop in an older neighborhood I think that slows us down. We pay 150 bucks
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