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Originally Posted by jmz313 View Post
Lucas = Good Writer, BAD Director.

Empire was awesome, Jedi was good enough, and all 3 original Indy movies he wrote were damn good. While Star Wars was great, and so was american graffiti....he must of got lucky. Just don't let that guy direct his own story.

Note: I have repressed his involvement with the raping of Indiana Jones.

Lucas is a horrible writer. Empire is widely known as the best of the Star Wars movies and it is the only one that Lucas had no hand in writing. A New Hope was based on his original idea so he got a writing credit for it while Lawrence Kasdan is the one who did the majority of the work. And Jedi was also a co-written endeavor between Kasdan and Lucas, and I would imagine the main contribution Lucas made was the stupid Ewoks.

It is no coincidence that the prequel trilogy is terrible. He wrote the entire trilogy by himself.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was also Lawrence Kasdan doing the majority of the writing from an idea of Lucas. Temple of Doom and Last Crusade were written by a guy named Jeffrey Boam from Lucas ideas. Kingdom of the Crystal skull-**** was written by a group of people, but it is widely known that Lucas was the main driving force behind the story. Was completely inflexible with the story.

So when Lucas is completely in charge of writing or story, the movie is ****. When he can have ideas, but let someone with talent do the actual work of putting it all together it can be great.
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