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Juwan Thompson

Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
I've no idea where these rumours about trading Suh have come from but most of them are stating the Lions need to clear cap space which is spot on, however trading Suh clears nothing for them cos every dollar he makes this year is guaranteed. They dont save a dime if they trade him. It;s the same for Fairley too, they are pretty ****ed capwise.
Surely they get salary off the cap if they trade him? Prorated bonuses, sure, but if he has a 22m cap number and only half of that (just guessing) is prorated bonuses they still clear 10 mil plus in cap space for example....

Must be something like that or they wouldn't be entertaining it? Surely?

Anyway my take is that for once we're pretty set at the DT position so we have no need to make a major investment. How great it is to be able to finally say that......
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