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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Yeah, I get that. I just don't think it's a big deal. Before I'd start putting needles in my body, I would try the gel. It's really not lotion. It's like a really light hair gel. And it's full of alcohol. So, you rub it on your chest, and it absorbs and dries.

It's covered by my shirt (and magic underwear, for the record). The only time I might make skin-to-skin contact would be if my child was a baby, and I was doing a photoshoot for a fashion magazine - black-and-white, in all probability - just a really good-looking, shirtless dad, holding his baby. Look, I'm not saying that doesn't happen in my life. It does. But in those cases, I would just wait to apply the gel until afterward.

Other than that, any worries seem irrelevant.
My doc had concerns about that also. My 2 year old is bat **** crazy at the moment. Kid is everywhere. One second he is calmly sitting on the couch watching some craptoons and the next he is launching himself off the top of the couch. Full on flying squirrel to tackle me and wrestle. I could see unintentional contact happening.
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