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Originally Posted by NorthernistCaliforneeway7 View Post
The fact that big pharmas not one group walking lockstep is exactly why new, profitable products spring up all the time. Its the freaking wild west out there. Sure, Viagra could try and destroy this whole low t craze, but how the hell would they accomplish that? Through federal regulation? lol The government (namely the joke called FDA) doesnt even fine drug companies found of wrong doing the total of their profits, but a fraction!

You can keep saying that Im not a doctor, so what do I know. Im just saying, there the ones you have to worry about, not me.
Yeah, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this. On a general level I think the FDA over-regulates and is overly-cautious, probably less-so with the drugs than the food, but overly-cautious nonetheless. I do agree that some fat dude that just sits around and eats burritos and drinks beer all day wanting Testosterone to make his dong hard or whatever is bad medicine. I don't agree that there's any kind of "scheme" going on though. I work on the supply side of the health industry and my experience is government generally makes it harder and more expensive to treat people effectively. You don't know my lifestyle, my test results or have any medical expertise. So you can't really claim if I'm making a poor decision or not.
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