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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
So I just met with the Endocrinologist. He's doing one last round of blood work and ordered an MRI on my brain. He said there is definitely an issue with my pituitary gland not sending the right amount of testosterone into my system. He also wants to double check it isn't hemochromatosis. After the blood work and the MRI, if both come back clean the only option for me would be to be put on steroid therapy. He recommends the bi-weekly injections.

He confirmed and disproved some of what was on this thread. He said the anti-aging clinics over prescribe and don't dig deep enough to addressing the real causes. He also said that testosterone is one of the safest prescriptions people can take and in the right quantities and age level of the patient the side effects don't manifest. Most of the stuff you hear about are guys who were taking limits well over prescribed level and even their issues are difficult to pin directly onto the steroids. He said since I have a child, the creams won't work, so I may have to inject myself depending on how this next batch of tests goes. He did say based on my age, lack of alcohol consumption lifestyle and hormone levels that it is unlikely to be something that might require surgery.

I'll let you guys know how everything goes. I've never had a MRI on my brain before. Very curious what it will entail. They'll probably just find an empty hole and some cobwebs, I'd imagine. "Well here's yer problem!"
Wait, what? Why would that be? Is he talking about a fear that you could pass it on to your child with skin-to-skin contact?

Think about it. Nothing changes in your body when you have a child.
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