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Originally Posted by ShiftyEyedWaterboy View Post
Purdue Pharma's heart was in the right place when they started making the "non-abusable" OC, but its just making people flock to heroin in droves.

I walk into restaurants in Highlands Ranch and find needles in the bathroom all the time.

My buddy OD'ed a couple a weeks ago. He survived but the EMT's told him they were running out of narcan from all the OD's.

Sad ****.
I agree- it's driven heroin into the mainstream youth of today. I had a couple homies that weren't as lucky as your friend- a lot that were though. I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to stuff like this but also had a handful of close friends that got caught up right under my nose without me knowing.

Opiates are bad- a lot of drugs are but opiates have a way of taking the fight out of you.

Stay strong and keep off that shiz man- you can do it
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