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Originally Posted by ShiftyEyedWaterboy View Post
Thanks, brother!

Was a b**** getting off the methadone. I was in withdrawal for 2 ****ing months.

That crap is EVERYWHERE in Denver. Not even people from here realize how widespread it is. If you work downtown, you see at least 5 dealers a day, whether you realize it or not.
I do, it's very sad. I've got a lot of friends who went down the oxycontin route several years ago. Once the scrip got changed and the price went up those same friends started banging the H.

Hell, my girlfriend works for a portopotty company and their drivers have found dead people with syringes still in their arms when they go to clean them.

It's a huge problem for Denver and the suburbs.

Stay strong man- your life ain't worth that crap.
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