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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by yerner View Post
Heavy Squats, Fasting. Getting rid of sugars and crappy grains.

Seriously though, I'd try some of the natural weirdo's remedies before I'd resort to prescription stuff. Dr. William Wong (unfortunate name) has some interesting theories on hormones. He mentions Maca Root powder as just one of many things that can help. I've used it for awhile and I feel like monster when I'm living clean everywhere else but it could just be just in my head. I do think it's about reducing calories and clean eating and getting leaner in some way.

Or go the other way, and Juice your brains out and start banging any that looks at you funny. Why not live to 75 like a man. I don't believe any of the bull**** about testosterone being harmful. If anything it's your bodies increase of estrogen that makes you lose your hair, get tubby and have your prostate swell. Then again, I'm a dummy.
Squats will expand his waistline, I don't think he wants that.
Merci Flower and Good Luck!
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