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Chris Harris

I don't think this has been mentioned but you see quite a few people doing this over the past few years.

IF (Intermittent Fasting)

Basically you still consume your daily calories, but you do it within a 6 hour window, and then you don't eat a single thing the rest of the 24 hour cycle. This has shown to increase not only Testosterone, but HGH (Human Growth Hormone) as well. I was actually surprised to see just how much your HGH jumps when you do this. I remember Hugh Jackman first talking about this during his training for one of the more recent X-Men movies. There are alot of people who swear by this and have stats to show for it.

Might want to give that a try Kaylore. Do it for a month, along with your weights and Intervals. I seriously want to give it a go but damn, it's hard to go for 14-16 hours without food. I remember one guy said it's rough for the first week but then you totally get used to it and then you come to love it.

My thoughts also are, and I have no proof of this, I'm no scientist but it seems LOGICAL, that your body will produce more T if it's required. If you're not doing things that require your body to make it, why should it? So obviously the working out hard stuff applies, you're body needs to make it so you can add muscle. But the mental thing to me applies as well. This is where I think the being around women you don't know and flirting with them helps. As well, maybe do some boxing or martial arts training. I think the mindset of having to be as physical as you can, in order to compete and win some type of match where physical strength is required, forces your body to make more T. It's the same with needing to compete with other guys to get the pretty girl. If you're not doing any of this, your body says what's the point in making T if this guy isn't going to need it. Of course, as I said, I can't prove any of that, it just makes sense in my own mind. You need to have the mindset of an alpha male for at least several hours a day.

Of course, you could simply just have a brain tumor not letting your body produce the hormone. There is a story of a guy who had that same thing. His levels were under 20 and he was 30 years old.

That's it. Take it for what it's worth. I do hope though that you get it fixed and you feel better.
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