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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
Yes, it was awesome. Lol..... I just don't know where the fine line is drawn, they let a lot to here which is cool..... But the old temp ban is sudden and hits ya hard.

Speaking as a moderator here, we try to be on the same page. If you feel a ban is unjustified, you can appeal it to TJ and make your case. Some lines are more firm then others. No family smack, no wishing death on other posters, teams, players. If you do any of these, the penalty is severe. If you are banned under one username, coming back with another will trigger an immediate, permanent ban of the new moniker.

As for temp bans, if what you got banned for is not something you would say in mixed company, do not say it here. Even if what you called the adonis belt is correct...after a fashion.

At least I think that was you.

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