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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Wow, that's very low for a guy in his mid 30's Kahn. It's probably genetic. I've been seeing non-stop lawyer commercials for guys who had Testosterone therapy. Guess it's giving all kinds of guys heart attacks and strokes. I'd try to do it naturally like you have been doing. Try giving it some more time and do a bunch of alpha male stuff, like pick fights, flirt with women, wrestle with alligators, lol. J/K, sounds like you're already doing some good things. I do know for a fact as you begin to lose more fat, your Testosterone will increase. Overweight men almost always test lower then men that are fit regardless of age. Also cut back on the sugar. Sugar is a Testosterone killer. And I said this in a different post but there are some mental things you can do that help to increase it also. They did a study and it's proven that flirting does increase your Testosterone. If you have a steady GF or married, that's fine, nobody says to go out and cheat on them. But harmless fun flirting is totally encouraged by many health experts.
Hmm, harmless flirting....

Okay, I'll give it a shot, Oh Khan, (bats eyelashes flirtatiously) baby you look sooo sexy today. Me love you long time. Oh wait, sorry that was something I saw on TV once.

My suggestion, hit up wife #5, she's a total flirting ho. On the other hand, maybe you have too many wives, get rid of 6 - 12, but maybe keep 9 because she's good at fixing cars.
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