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No to the Low T, but I have gout and borderline high cholesterol - the diets for both are basically all carbs for gout and no carbs for the other. The gout is fine unless I eat/drink something that triggers a flareup, which I found out is.... BEER (and omega-3/fish oil pills to a lesser degree). Sucks, and everyone who knows me, knows that 1) I loved beer and 2) was quite the beer snob. The good thing is, it takes 4-5 beers to set it off, but I've really just given it up. Probably had 3 half-beers in the last 2 years. Better than waking up in the middle of the night with my toe feeling like someone is driving a spike into it cranked up to a thousand degrees. Plus, I can be a rum/whiskey/whisky/scotch/bourbon snob now

At least exercise is good for both, though I hurt both my hammys back in October and just got them back to 100% in the last month or so (the older I get the longer I have to warm up and I didn't do that before a run).
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