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Default So anyone else have low testosterone?

Just got the labs back from my primary care physician. I went for annual check-up complaining about the belly fat I've accumulated and the fact that despite working out, I'm exhausted quite a bit. In all fairness, I love ice cream and I'm married so I don't try as hard. I'm also in my mid 30's so I figure it might be age. There were other things though, like I have been making small mental errors and had difficulty focusing. I've actually noticed this posting here. I'll leave off punctuation and make spelling errors, leave off articles before words... predict a close SB game - clearly something is physically wrong with my mind.

So my Doc says he wants to check my hormones. Fine. We get checked and I register 114 nano-grams (men are usually between 300-800. I'm sure there will be some OM posters here telling us they have a billion ng.) Because of the way the T-levels bind to proteins, and the less than accurate way they test free testosterone, they just test a total and like to re-test. I take some vitamin D, prescription strength and eat a bunch of zinc filled foods and some fats. I'm trying to lift weights and do some burst fast-twitch cardio. So thinking I helped I get tested again....and it's at 128. All that work and I got 14 freaking NG out of it. I'm still tired all the time.

Just to be thorough he's tested a lot of other things on my second visit. My ferritin is safely low, which apparently rules out hemochromatosis, which runs in my family on my Mom's side. My other hormone levels are very safe as well, Pituitary, growth hormone, etc. My blood pressure and cholesterol are awesome. It's just my freaking testosterone. I am glad I'm not seeing one of those hack aging centers where they just stick you with testosterone if you feel tired, but this is looking to be a real issue. Anyone else have or know of someone who has had any experience in this?
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