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Another square peg into that round hole!

I am still convinced we need to find a MLB. We've tried FA retreads and rookies and failed (apparently) to find one. So I have been looking at this draft almost exclusively on the need for a MLB and improving ss/fs/cb . This post is exclusively about the MLB's
in this draft or players I believe could play that position. Since most of us can only judge a players ability by watchjng complete college games(if you're lucky) or high light videos and looking at the numbers they post in the various tests devised by the NFL . This post is about the comparison numbers only, I'm including the same numbers posted by Brian Urlacher prior to the 99 draft for reference. Bare in mind he was a super athlete and played pr/kr/wr/fs and olb and was a consensus All American.

The format is as follows; last name, hgt. wgt. bench reps, 40yd time, 20yd time, 10 yd time, broad jump.

Urlacher 6-4 255, 27, 4.59, 2.67. 1.62, 10-2

this drafts ILB's
Mosley 6-2, 235, N/A, 4.63, 2.70, 1.56, 9-10
Borland 5-11 245, 27, 4.81, 2.69, 1.59, 9-6
Skov 6-3 245, (couldn't find any numbers for him on the sites I checked)
Bullough 6-4 245, 30, 4.76, 272, 1.66, 9-4

OLB's who could play in the middle IMO.
Shazier 6-1 235, 25, 4.38, 2.58, 1.56, 10-10
Van Noy 6-4 242, 21, 4.71, n/a, n/a, 9-4
Tripp 6-3 235, 22, 4.67, n/a, n/a, 10-0
Reilly 6-5 245, 26, 4.66, 2.74, 1.66, 9-9 (Trevor) All pac 12 as an olb at Utah.
This guy is really interesting nominally he is an olb/de being projected to go in the 3rd round.

Mosley, and Shazier will be gone before our first pick.
Borland and Van Noy will go in the middle of the second round IMO so if we want one of them we would have to use our 1st to do it.

By the way while I was researching this I came across some supposedly leaked Wonderlic scores. Borland hung up a 32.

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