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I definitely don't the mind the efforts of pro leagues celebrating Latin history. The fan support is definitely there, even for games in Mexico City and in the US. I'm not Hispanic or anything, and only took some high school Spanish, but just there's a lot of Latin history in the Americas, especially here in the southwest. The Spanish language definitely has its stamp on American culture; a lot of our states are derived from the Spanish language e.g. Colorado, California, Florida, New Mexico, etc. Even our beloved Broncos name is the only NFL team name derived from Spanish, meaning 'rough', and used to describe a wild horse. So 'Los Broncos' would be spot on.

I do, however, wish they would go all the way with the Spanish names for the NBA teams. They really should translate the entire name into Spanish. 'Los Suns' would be 'Los Soles', 'Los Bulls' would be 'Los Toros', 'Los Spurs' would be 'Las Espuelas', and so on. Maybe they'll do that eventually. Anyhow, go Broncos.
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