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Originally Posted by LikeABoss5820 View Post
Wouldnt mind that at all but 3 LB's?

I'd go CB in Round 2 instead of KVN.

Dont think some of those players will be there (Thomas, Telvin, Williamson)
I don't see much when I look at the Broncos linebackers. I think the only safe players right now are Von Miller, Nate Irving, Trevathan and maybe Steven Johnson. Only Miller and Trevathan are going to start out of that group unless Irving makes huge strides.

I don't think Van Noy will be there when we draft (I hear san diego loves him) but he can play any linebacker spot.

I don't think Telvin will be there either but I honestly see him as the next Kam Chancellor, not necessarily a linebacker. I would be happy with him as our second round pick but I just don't know where teams want him to play so I feel his value is all over the place.

Williamson may go higher than the seventh but Trevathan went 188th overall and played a more coveted position and was also more productive. So who knows.

Who do you like at CB in round 2? The ones I'd be happy with are Philip Gains or Dontae Johnson. (especially Johnson).
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