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Interesting to me Elway and Peyton are putting out this message of "new identity" for 2014. Peyton said "new identity" about eight times in his two media interviews since the massacre.

And that was Elways message in the infamous "not too shabby" presser. Elway and Peyton have this mantra, "work hard, new identity". I saw on NFL Live that the last team that won a Super Bowl after losing the year before was Dallas in 1973. So they have their work cut out for them.

Del Rio is tasked with a lot of turnover, plus the two ACL's, Vickerson trying to come back from a hip injury which is not so good for an older guy weighing 300 pounds. Wolfe is a question mark also. Quinton Carter is a big question mark coming off IR after microfracture surgery. Rahim was a question mark even before his cavitation surgery or whatever it was. Nate Irving has not only been a question mark, but basically worthless. Dude has 56 tackles in his three year career.

Steven Johnson couldn't displace Nate Irving from the starting lineup, so that's about the end of him. Woodyard gone, that was a productive guy, Elvis gone the year before along with Shaun Phillips the two most productive passrushers the past two years other than Von.

Signing Demarcus Ware was a kudo, they paid him topnotch money, and he will produce again now he's healthy.

The offense in 2014, they depend too much on Peyton. That no-huddle can be shut down, and when it gets shut down it gets shut down to an embarrassing level.

Peyton's last two Super Bowls with his no-huddle? 17 points and 8 points produced in back-to-back losses. Three TD passes, four INT's, a pick-six, a couple of lost fumbles. They better think about going more traditional with a huddle. They better think about that as their "new identity".
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