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Jamal Charles

this year i made some adjustments to my little raised garden.

automatic water system (i did it last year). this is great for the texas weather and if you are extremely busy. it waters my garden 4x a day at 5 minutes a piece.

the plastic fence i put around my garden to keep the rabits out didn't do to well to keep the possum out. they chewed through the plastic fence and ate all my japanese eggplant. so this year, i put a chicken fence around my garden.

last year was a mess. the peppermints, oregano, chives and various other mints overran my garden. so the things i really wanted didn't make it. my usual crop of bhut jolokias, habanero, okra didn't do to well. so this year, no more basil, mints or any of that crap. they spread like wildfire and destroy your garden.

so this year, i will try something different. 6 thai peppers, 3 trinidad scorpion peppers, 2 okra, 4 white eggplant, 1 chives, 1 cantalope. i think that should do it for me this yr. i also picked up 12 cubic ft of compost since my garden bed was getting low.

also, it was so hot last year, my bitter melon never made it to a good size. they riped before at 1/5 the regular size. hopefully this year it isn't so hot and i can get a decent crop.
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