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from a Google search I found this

  • NFL players receive a check every two weeks during the regular season, that's nine paychecks per season. The paychecks are issued every other Friday, but don't begin until the first regular season game. So during training camp and pre-season games, the players don't receive any payments. Players can opt to have their salary divided up evenly over the year. The NFL divides the players' guaranteed salary by the number of weeks in the season. For eight checks, the players get two weeks' pay, and for one check, a single week of pay.

  • In addition to their guaranteed pay, players may earn more money for things such as being on the roster on a certain day or working out with the team during the off-season. Some players receive bonuses for making the all-pro team or earning other honors. Sports agents negotiate different bonuses for different players. Players may get bonuses for meeting goals such as the number of yards rushed or touchdowns scored. All of these increase the amount of a player's pay, but they're only available during regular season if the player is active.

Injured Players
  • A player may show up at training camp and be injured there or during a pre-season game. Even if he doesn't play a single game during the regular season, as long as he remains with the team he'll receive his regular paycheck with his guaranteed payment. Contracts can stipulate behavior that will make the player ineligible for his payment, such as engaging in illegal activities or participating in other dangerous sports.

Compensation Math
  • While NFL players earn big salaries, only about half the money in their contracts is typically guaranteed. Injury or poor performance on the field can reduce a player's income substantially, wiping out incentive pay and future contract years that make up so much of the big-money player contracts. While players aren't drawing checks during the pre-season, the promise of money to come is an incentive for them to perform well and earn more playing time during the regular season.

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