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Default How football players get paid?

So I am curious how players in the NFL get paid. Us normal folks, we work a 40 hour week and get paid by the hour or you are a salary employee and get paid a specific amount.

So my question is if you are a players that is barely making the cut in the NFL, you practice all week, go to all the meetings, but don't dress for the game. Do you still get all your money? For some reason, you keep hearing about all the suspensions and how much a player will loose. So does that mean that all the money they make is on sundays and all the other stuff during the week is essentially free?

how do injuries work? do they still get paid if they don't dress for that week? who pays, is it the insurance company? do they get short term disability? does it matter if they are on the IR or if they are a game time decision?

how about teams resting players at the end of the season when the team already wrapped of homefield advantage?
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