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Originally Posted by Action View Post
John Fox said John Elway didn't know much and the consensus was, John Elway lacked the NFL experience of a GM. So it's easy to see why many doubted Elway. I'm sure Elway doubted himself many nights too.

But the stars aligned for Elway...and with hard work that's generally what happens.

Great article - shed a tear.
"Consensus" is just another term for a group of butt hurt blowhard talking heads that were envious that the golden boy was soaring ever higher. Obviously your "consensus" didn't know **** to begin with.

"Lacking experience". LMAO! Like many things in life... the only way you relly get direct 'experience' is by actually doing the job.

Now having the necessary qualities, temperament and skill set he already had in spades. I bet his learning curve was one of the shortest in NFL GM history.

Don't believe all the PR hype "... 'shucks golly-gee' simple-John made good in the big city didn't he" routine.
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