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I never got why so many doubted Elway could do this. Some fans still do.

As if his 20 years as a college/Pro CEO wouldn't bring invaluable leadership abilities. As if his Dad being a coach and scout wouldn't account for anything. As if all the businesses that he not only owned, but had a hands on approach wouldn't prepare him for his position now. As if then taking all this life experience and running a professional football upstart wouldn't be the ultimate experience. And considering he's been a huge success in all these ventures... why wouldn't he be good at it? Everything in his life seems to have been pointing straight at what he's doing right now.

I would have been shocked if he wasn't an absolute slam dunk success at what he's doing now. He's had a lifetime of preparation with a running streak of success all the way!

He's perfectly suited for both the position and organization like few I've ever seen in the NFL. And he doesn't just love football or the job.... he loves the organization. Hell... he IS the organization in my book.

He's our very own Al Davis. Someone that lives and breaths the franchise!

Win or lose... that's more than good enough for me!

We are the envy of the league. And it's not just because Manning is behind center. It's because Elway is behind the wheel.
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