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This one's for Pat

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Pat Bowlen

My Top 5

Belle - She's amazing. Her personality, outfit, looks, hobbies.
Mulan - I prefer women a bit more dolled up, but I admittedly have a bit of yellow fever and she'd be totally into my board game hobby.
Jasmine - She fits with my taste for exotic looking women. She's a bit of a brat but she's feisty and her outfit is hot.
Tiana - She's one of the prettiest princesses. She can cook, she sports a gown that has the gloves and her voice is really hot. Her mom is Oprah. It's a shame her movie sucked. No one wants to watch a princess movie where the majority of the time the princess is a frog.
Aurora - My only blonde to make my top five (Brunette's are hotter). Her voice is really hot and she has sexy lips. In the movie she's 16 which is kind of creepy. This spot was almost Elsa, and probably should be considering she's not an adult. lol.
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