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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I love pet peeve lists.

  • People who wait for all the lanes to be clear of cars before making a right turn into traffic - even if they don't need to get to the far left lane. I want to kill these people.
  • Female drivers at stop lights. It's like they can't just wait for the green light. They all stop paying attention and immediately begin looking for something to do - check phone, hair, makeup, look through purse, glove compartment, pick teeth. They can't handle waiting for the green, so when the light changes and we're all waiting for them to get their noses out of their purses and we're honking at them to go, they have the audacity to act like the person asking them to pay attention to operating a piece of equipment that can kill someone and not be an ass by making everyone wait for you while you finish that oh-so-critical text to your girlfriend before you realize the light changed three seconds ago is the jerk.
  • People who drive just at or below the speed limit and then when you try to pass them they speed up. These people are possesed by Satan.
You're married to an Asian woman and you only have 3 driving-related pet peeves?!? I'm calling BS.
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