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1. My mother in law. If any of you had met her she would be number one of your list as well.
2. People that use Facebook to get attention. For example, people that post that their great aunt is in the hospital, or even worse, the scores of people I saw post after the theatre shooting while they had literally no attachment to it other than having been in Colorado at one point in their life.
2.1. People that proceed to post "We're praying for you!" or "Stay strong!" after said posts.
3. Drivers that wait until the last moment then cross 3 lanes to take an exit.
4. Drivers that see a line for an exit and instead of getting in said line, they stay in the right hand (non exit) lane and then stop in front of traffic until someone lets them in. Similar to people that turn left from a right only or straight only lane. Vice Versa applies.
5. People that feel they should get offended over everything.
6. People that get on a high horse over a topic when they have no experience with that topic. For example, those that preach about the wonders of diversity when they live in a 99 percent white gated community.
7. People that leave their dogs out to bark all day and to tear up their lawns.
8. Mother in law.
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