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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
People who wait for all the lanes to be clear of cars before making a right turn into traffic - even if they don't need to get to the far left lane. I want to kill these peopLE

I failed my driving test not waiting for all the lanes to clear. Learn how to drive, Kahn!

stoopid aliens
Even with a merge lane? There's an intersection on my way to work that his a merge lane and 30% of the time on my way to work some moron is sitting there waiting for all the lines to be clear turn right into the merge lane. Often they are only trying to get into just the right lane.

Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
Wow. That pisses me off...
Irregardless is now being considered a word too.

Just shows how stupid people can get things made official.

I'm waiting for them to make axe an official spelling of ask.
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