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Utahns are notorious for doing this. I made a trip to Idaho. Great driving until coming back to Utah. I swear the minute I crossed the border cars in the passing lane cruising, going slower than the cars in the other lanes. And don't seem to have a clue or car that cars are right behind them.

Also drivers that can't seem to drive the speed limit. If you can't drive the speed limit go on a street that has a speed limit that is more to your slower speed.
When I was about 10 years old, my Dad was driving the family across Utah trying to get to Wellington, CO. Grandma and Grandpa were waiting as well as the cousins and my Dad's siblings. Good times in the Summer. Well, one lane, each way, highway and cars going about 70 MPH. Pissed my Dad off so he took it in his own hands and started passing them by driving in the other lane (legal with broken yellow lane). My Mom is freaking out (I think it is completely awesome) and tells my Dad, "Don't Do that! You are going to give these old people heart attacks!" My Dad's response? "Good! They shouldn't be on the road anyways!" Never forget that about my Dad and drivers in Utah.
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