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This is good football talk, more importantly it's about potential Broncos.

I don't want to see a wasted draft pick on a two down thumper. I truly think Irving or a free agent (Pat Angerer) could handle that. We need either a three down MLB which is rare, otherwise we need another coverage LB for nickel.

Now, if that coverage player can handle being a three down Mike, that's great, or if he can grow into that role over time, perfect! But as I see it, we need a coverage LB no matter what.

Now let's identify the different types of LBs, and project their round.

Three Down MLB:
Mosley Round 1
*And he's the only one I see as a true 3 down MLB right away.

Potential Three Down MLB:

Shazier Round 1
*We know he'd be dynamite in subpackages, could he hold up at MLB?

Van Noy Round 1-2
*His football instincts are incredible, always flashing and making plays. Because he can pass rush, his coverage ability is over looked, it's a strength, but could he play MLB?

Christian Jones Round 3
*Much like Van Noy he showed ability to pass rush, but he's a fluid athlete, solid in coverage, but could he play MLB?

Jordan Tripp Round ?
*Theres so little to go off of, we know like Shazier he can cover, could he hold up at MLB?

After that your looking at two categories.
Coverage LBs:

Telvin Smith and Pierre Louis
*These guys would be platoon players, who's job is to play Nickel D.

Maybe Three Down LBs:

Borland, Smallwood, Barrow, Zumwalt, Williams, and Divitto
*Guys who have played inside and outside, aren't exceptional coverage players, but are competent there. May or may not be long term three down MLBs?
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