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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
So, my new book called Shoveling Snow was released today. It's a story that's been in my life a while now. It started out as a screenplay I wrote eight years ago that once had Chris Evans and Abigail Breslin attached. But due to various circumstances, including FBI involvement with the original financier, the movie never got off the ground. It's come close a few other times, but indie films have a way of often falling apart (Just ask the producers of Dallas Buyers Club...i think it took them twenty years.)

Anyway, i always really liked the story and the characters and felt there was a lot more to tell. So I wrote the novel version and put it out myself. I'm pretty proud of the result and hope some of y'all will enjoy it.

It's avail now on Amazon for Kindle/Kindle App. It's only 2.99.

Also, if you're interested in TWO books and havent read my first (which has lots of curse words **Not Tebow approved), check out My Sweet Saga here:
This is sick, dude. Getting my credit card out right now.

It better be good.
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